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Thread: Job for my Nephew

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    Job for my Nephew

    Need u to keep your ears open if you can. jacob my youngest nephew is leaving college in June. He has been doing countryside management . He has SGC and has just applied for FAC. He is looking for a job in game keeping or working on an estate. He was offered a job in Suffolk with accommodation etc but then they said he needed FAC so he lost that one that's why he has applied for FAC. Then offered another job in Perth but they wanted him to start in June but he can't start until mid July so he lost that too. He is learning to drive, when he leaves college he will have mule and ATV licence so if you hear of anything. Moving away is fine as he is ok with it.

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    There was a bloke on beaters and pickers up page on Facebook, looking for two trainee gamekeepers last week mate.
    Can see if it's still on there, if you want?

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    Thanks Wilf for the reply. You have PM

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    Would he be interested in beating on a large well known grouse moor, 45 per day with possibility of additional work which I am sure with his college experience he would be useful. Accommodation is provided. Would look great on a CV for a keepering position

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    I am sure he would mate. Pm me some details please, briefly and a contact number. Is it full time and where?

    Cheers I appreciate this


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