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Thread: Various Shooting/Stalking Books cont.....

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    Various Shooting/Stalking Books cont.....

    This is a previous post but I have found additional books in boxes so I have added them to the existing list....

    "Having a clear out of some of my books and due to moving house, I unfortunately have no space to display the books which is areal shame.

    I've had a habit of writing a name and year of purchase in each book, the writing is only small and is in the top left hand corner inside the front cover so can't be seen."

    The books still available are:

    'Practical Woodland Stalking' by Colin Elford 5.00
    'Deer Stalking' by Edmund Luxmoore 5.00
    'Pointer' (based on the English Pointer breed) by Richard Beauchamp 5.00
    'Animal Traps & Trapping' by James A. Bateman 5.00
    'The encyclopedia of sporting shooting' by Robin Marshall-Ball 5.00
    'The illustrated encyclopedia of firearms' by Ian V Hogg 5.00
    'The international encyclopedia of shooting' by Michael Brander 5.00
    'The sporting shotgun: a users handbook' by Robin Marshall-Ball 5.00
    'Rural Reflections' by Stuart Haddon-Riddoch 5.00

    'Game for the sporting rifle' by Henry Tegner 2.50
    'The Moorland Keeper' by J Spottiswoode 2.50
    'Shooting: A complete guide for beginners' by John Marchington 2.50
    'Rough Shoot' by Capt. E H Lynn-Allen 2.50
    'The Shore Shooter' by Richard Arnold 2.50
    'The Grey Geese Call' by Bill Powell 2.50
    'The Young Sportsmans Library, The Young Shot' by N.M Sedgwick 2.50
    'Hill Shooting & Upland Gamekeeping' by Guy N. Smith 2.50

    Postage is extra, but I will only charge what it costs me to send which is roughly 1.80-2.00 per book (based on weight)

    Please PM me for any further details or images of individual books.

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    Would like to make an offer of 50 for them all and would come and pick them up

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    You have a PM
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Thankyou for the interest, all books are now provisionally sold as a job lot.

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