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Thread: Yorkshire Meet

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    Yorkshire Meet

    Ay'up -

    Anyone fancy a meet up in Yorks area ?
    There was a bit of chat about where we could meet last year but never turned into anything .

    How about 24th FEB 7.30pm Buckles Inn (Yorks BDS meet there so must be pretty central)

    Free pint for the first five to turn up ( guaranteed to get a response in this neck of the woods !!!)

    Whaddya think ??



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    Do you mean in the evening Rodge as I am interested but am busy all day.

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    FREE BEER waldy on mi way now . cracking idea

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    Great idea but could you make it a week or so earlier? I will be back on the rig by the 24th.

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    you will have a pub full rodge ,just make sure when they all turn up you dont turn around and one of them as gone on walkabout

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    I'm in for that dont do wed the 17th if you pick the week befor

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    Get teapot on'th stove an Wadas ull beh roooun like a flash and nice bit oh cake jus ta top of job

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    count me in , cheap date too dont drink at all when im driving so if im in the 1st 5 youd be quids in
    24th is good

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    That sounds right grand to me count me in

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    I thought a free drink might do the trick !!(sam smith's pub ,nice & cheap!!!)
    BDS meet is the week before so I'd like to stick to the evening of the 24th Mudman (hopefully we'll get regular & we'll see you another time).

    Got some handcuffs for bobtwalkabout so he don't go AWOL

    Anyone else?? all welcome .

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