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Thread: Which rifle?which mod?

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    Which rifle?which mod?

    Stainless sako 75 with plastic stock in 270 or laminated instock in 308 ?
    Which mod suits the rifle best?
    I see this pair as the best selection on GT Still looking to fill that slot. I sqeezed the budget to the limit for a gun on here but could not get close enough to the asking price. by the time I set it up it was too much of a luxury. However may have the chance of some sika soon so want to be ready, Like the laminated stock but got to be practicle,

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    Jim get a standard rifle eg rem my tikka and stick a really good scope on it if the budget is tight.

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    Hi Jim, you might want to look at the remington 700 sps blued or stainless, I bought the stainless in 308 got it new for 600 but you might find an even better deal, put on a used s&b 6x42 topped off with a ase ultra northstar, the thing about rem 700s is you can easily upgrade when funds allow mine now sports a hogue stock with the full aluminium bedding block and boy this rifle shoots, way better than me really like the action and the xpro trigger is really crisp, next job is to get the barrel chopped from 24" to 20" and the kit will be near perfect at least for me anyways good luck on your choice and safe huntin !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Get a Tikka .308 lite done less than 100 shots nice T8 Mod & zeiss scope oh did I mention I had one

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    If you are looking for a zeiss 6x42, then I have a mint condition for sale that would top off your new rifle



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    I have the Sako 75 stainless synthetic, with a PES moderator fitted; seems to work well for me...

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