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Thread: You can't shoot one sitting Indoors...

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    You can't shoot one sitting Indoors...

    First write up so go easy.

    I contacted SikaMalc a few months about getting my first Roe Buck. he said he might be able to help me so a date was put in the diary. I have tried to get a Roe Buck for quite a while so as the weekend grew nearer my anticipation grew. Carefully studying of the weather forecast in the week leading up had me worried, with heavy rain and high winds predicted I was concerned that my Roe Buck might evade me still. A quick call to SikaMalc before the day did little to ease my concern as he informed me that he hadnít seen that much activity. Oh well I thought you canít shoot one sitting indoors.
    Friday came around quickly, gear readied rifle packed and off to West Sussex I went . The rain decided to accompany me on my way down and was there to meet me as I arrived at the estate bothy. After meeting Malcolm at the door I knew I was in good hands and after a quick cup of tea and a chinwag we were off. We dropped another guest off at a high seat and on the way in we bumped a few fallow, good sign I thought. We parked up and loaded the rifle and off we went. As we rounded a farm building into the first field, we immediately saw a pair of flickering ears flashing in the grass. These it turned out belong to doe couched up in the middle oft the field. The weekend has started well Fallow, and Roe does all we need now was the buck. After a sneak around a few more fields Malcolm suggested we wait in a secluded corner of a field backing on to an area of woodland hoping to ambush a buck as he went about his evening stroll. The weather had improved and with a sea of blue bells to our rear and sunlight dappled woodland edges to our front I thought it would be a only a matter of time before a nice buck came walking out but after 40 minutes or so perched at the bottom of an oak tree Malcolm decided that a change of location was in order. It was getting dark now, the wind had completely died down and an evening mist had started to roll in. After entering another field the brakes were quickly slammed on as what appeared to be a white Roe backside was staring at us. A quick check through the binos confirmed what we had been suspected and a suitable cull buck at that. Malcolm said I should take him but not from our current position due to lack of safe backstop but I would have to make the stalk by myself to get around the buck and find a safe shooting angle as I began the stalk around it was apparent that there was actually two bucks. I stalked in as close as I dare, rifle on sticks and found the buck in the scope but the buck had other ideas and decided to stand facing away from me, then the other buck decided to complicate the matter by proceeding dance around itís friend. I could not find a safe shot! The light was getting worse the mist was thickening and the bucks had now decided that it would nice to cover their shoulder areas with any long grass they could find. Great! I decided I would need to get closer before the light went completely, but this was a step too far and bucks decided enough was enough and bounced off. Although I hadnít fired a shot my heart was pounding and it was a real pleasure to observe these fantastic animals at such close quarters. There was always tomorrow.
    The following morning was a bit of a wash out but we did see a few deer. After an expertly cooked breakfast and a long chat about everything stalking we were about for the afternoon. As the deer were not moving until really late Malcolm suggested waiting in a high seat followed by stalk around was the order of the day. The weather now was much improved and although a little windy the conditions felt perfect but unfortunately the clearing under the high seat was quite. After meeting Malcolm at the agreed location and time we went to the area we visited on the first night. The first couple of field proved fruitless but as we crouched under a small opening into a new field Malcolm again slammed on the breaks. ĎBuckí he said! A ushered me through the gap and into the field, rifle on sticks but the buck was looking straight at me standing broadside, as I raised the rifle to my shoulder he looked like he would bolt at any second, cross hairs drew up the front leg, desperately trying to keep them still, breath out , boom! The buck ran but quickly stopped span around and dropped . A mixed wave of relief and jubilation poured over me I had finally done it! My first Roe Buck. My niggling doubts about the shot were soon squashed as after a quick stroll found my roe buck lying motionless in the grass. One happy stalker! We examined the unusual head and I performed the gralloch (slowly!).
    Even though I only had 4 hours in which to rest before my alarm went off the next day sleep did not come easily , I was still buzzing and could not wipe the smile from my face(still canít). The journey down was again accompanied by wind and rain, I did not hold high hopes of success but It didnít matter. After a quick cuppa we on our way to a small area in which Malcolm had seen a medal class buck which we hoping we might bump into. As soon as we got out the truck Malcolm informed me he could a big body deer in position where the buck should be. The rifle was readied very quickly and we formatted a plan to get down wind of where we had last seen the buck. As we entered the down wind end of the field we immediately spied two Roe browsing the field margin. Malcolm established one was a young buck and the other probably his mother. Malcolm decided this would be a good buck to take out and said I could take him if I was comfortable with the shot. We estimated to be about 16o yards, which would be a long was for me especially off sticks. Lucky to our right stood a large tree inside the wood margin with a perfect clearing providing a clear line of sight to the deer but perfectly hidden allowing me plenty of time to get a good stable siting position. The field training I had done previously with IanF was proving itís worth. Finding the deer in the scope drawing cross hairs up itís shoulder I informed Malcolm I was happy with the shot. Safety released, trigger squeeze, Boom! The deer dropped on the spot. My second Roe buck in the bag. I couldnít be happier two Roe bucks in as many days.
    I had a great time at Malcolmís place in Sussex, the ground was stunning, there were plenty of deer and Malcolm is a really nice bloke so I have already booked my return for the Rut and it canít come quick enough.
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    I enjoyed your write up....Well done Sir

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    Well done again Jonesie, and that first buck was a good cull head to take out. Took another 3 bucks this past weekend. However the weather looks dire again this weekend but we will see what turns up.
    Since you took your last buck on my area near Petworth I have had another 2 off the same field, all cull bucks as well. Not seen the big boy but he will not be far away.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Nice write up ! Thanks for sharing, atb arron.

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    Was out with Malcolm last Friday and lucky enough to take one of the cull bucks. As ever, he makes it all seem so easy and relaxed, so many thanks for another memorable day. I think I will gloss over the "Texas neck shot", 'though!

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    cracking write up,shows even when the deer are out u dont always get a shot.well done m8

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    Excellent account jonesie and good pictures,

    I shot my first with Malcolm about 6 yrs ago now, and yes, a really nice man.

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    Very enjoyable write up, thanks for sharing!
    Waidmannsheil on your first bucks!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Great write up, really gives a feel of the stalk.

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    Thank you for sharing and well done.

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