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Thread: Long range tactical stalker

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    Long range tactical stalker

    Latest addition chaps, built by Redmist

    kmw sentinel combat stock
    Stiller tac 30 aw action
    accuracy international aw 10 shot mags, top feed, double stack
    benchmark 26" barrel, 6.5x47l

    100m target in 25mph gusting wind/rain on bodmin moor (red 4)

    330m target, 25mph wind

    Next to its little brother

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    Meant to add - thats with no load development..

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    Nice rifle, the boy certainly produces shooters! The target below is from last weekend zeroing at a local BDS shoot. Also a 6.5x47 built by Redmist but with a Rem action and Bartlein tube. It is a 5 shot group off a Harris bipod from prone at 100

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    Very nice indeed. I really like the short barrel sako also.

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    Nice Nissan wish mine was that clean, rifle don't look bad either.

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    Gary nice new toy
    looks nearly as good as my tac
    Regards pete

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    Certainly looks the part and by summited photos, produces results at the business end.
    Approx price if not too rude to ask?


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    Nice bit of kit but I wouldn't want to carry it for a day on the hill lol!

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