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Thread: t20 red torch

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    t20 red torch

    Hi Guys

    im after a red torch for spotting, ive got a nm800(red) on top of my 17hmr in the proper adjustable weaver mount for shooting which is great but dont realy want to shell out for anouther nm800 for spotting.

    what red cheap torches are you guys using that put a beam out similar to the night master ????????



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    Ludicrous Lumens, Run by a guy on UK Varminting has some T20 style torches that are getting favorable reviews compared to NM800. I think if you are a member you also get a discount. It is on my wishlist for the summer when i eventually get around to it.

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    nvscopes are 28. almost cant make them for that.

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    Modified ultrafire torch.
    Stick an aspherical lense and a red led and you have a very tight square beam out to 125 meters.
    Total cost 30

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    i use a nm800 for spotting and a t20 with green led on the scope and it seems to be working perfect ,noing what i no now id of just bought 2 t20 torches and saved a few quid

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    t-20 with a doubler on it,tightens the beam up and throws it that bit further,contact ian sirrel at ir lightbuilds for the torch and e-bay for the doubler

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    I use a t20 it with nv and a white light which is best white green.or red for foxing

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