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Thread: blood sweat and tears .222

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    blood sweat and tears .222

    For sale is a 10 month project come to end:

    Built it myself, so yes, blood sweat, and when sold, tears!

    .222 REM

    BRNO FOX barrelled action. Barrel in 8.5/10 condition
    Re-stocked in black walnut with good veining layout
    Full length glass bedded in black
    Pillars installed and bedded
    Ebony schnabel front end and grip cap
    Bedded sling studs and front with countersunk locking nut
    Crown in 10/10 condition
    barrelled action, bottom metal and magazine slow rust blued
    Nitre blued buttplate screws
    Nitre blued Tikka Low 1" mounts (stunning bluing, almost like case hardening), I did this at 594 deg. so a blue/purple mix
    custom bolt handle ground and shaped to clear scope in low mounts, hence mounts coming with rifle, high polish
    bolt face 9.5/10 condition
    Bolt shroud slow rust blued.
    tuned double set trigger, set trigger releasing at around 1.5lb
    stock is beautifully finished, sealed and filled, then oil finish to a London finish.
    Extraction port by RHS of receiver.
    Checkering is done by hand, 18 LPI in a layout ' the curvaceous blonde ' - it's absolutely stunning!
    Bolt body is polished to a high shine
    Feeds 4 rounds smoothly from the magazine. this is a converted 527 magazine to fit brno fox action.
    Front and rear sights installed to work with semi-QD mounts (roll off)

    Shoots 50g sako gameheads factory ammo,,here it is, off sandbags, 3 shots in same hole, smaller than cloverleaf. Initially I thought I had missed with 2nd and 3rd for some reason, then did it again and measured the hole to show 3 rounds through!

    Rifle comes with mounts, maybe with scope. pictured with leupold 2-7x33 VX1 in 9.5/10 condition

    This really is a custom restoration and 'beautification' project, taking a high quality brno fox in this classic calibre, to become a simply stunning rifle to shoot anything from bunnies to Roe/Munty/CWD with.

    This rifle is built to be enjoyed 'as is' by someone who genuinely appreciates its beauty. I beg any buyer to NEVER install a moderator or a bipod, or do anything 'funny' or modern to it. it's been built to look just like this, and fingers crossed, will do until it's deathbed.

    I'm looking for £600 without Scope + RFD fees, or £750 including scope + RFD fees.

    To give you an idea, the stock, the checkering, the rust blueing, the nitre blueing, if outsourced separately, would probably run to around the price of the total for sale price on its own.

    thanks for looking

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    Very, very nice and I recognise that checkering pattern as I have an approximation of it on a Brno 22 rimfire – my first attempt at checkering when purchasing a copy of Monty Kennedy’s seminal book in 1981! Can even see where I went wrong as it was madness to attempt an over the pistol grip pattern in full on the first attempt and in 22 LPI.

    If I didn’t have to sell a Remington Mohawk in 222 first I’d be on my way to collect.



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    Despite my "tool" chat on the other thread re "Blaser / Sauer / Custom", that is a lovely looking rifle PKL.

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    Superb looking rifle.................I only wish I was working

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    That is a spot on looking rifle, if I had a spare slot on my ticket this is what I would be getting. The hard work was well worth it as the quality shines through.

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    wow what a lovely little rifle for muntjac and cwd

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    I'll take it in exchange for those scope mounts...

    Why on earth are you selling it??

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    That reminds me, i need to return those! Sorry bud..

    Selling it so someone Else can enjoy it and i can move on to my next project :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    I'll take it in exchange for those scope mounts...

    Why on earth are you selling it??

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    Where are you PKL? Interested in this rifle , but I am up in the north of Scotland. Can you put up pics of the stock showing the pad and the other side to see the cheekpiece? Thanks, Bill.

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