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Thread: working mans gun .243

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    working mans gun .243

    For sale here is my 'working' rifle

    it's a sedgemoor .243 on a mauser 98 action.
    pictured with canjar single set trigger, but will be sold with timney featherweight deluxe

    I have glass bedded the front of the action and it shoots federal 100g SP's 1/2 MOA when I do my part.

    I can see no pitting and the rifling is crisp.

    I have no idea of round count as I bought it 2nd hand.

    I love this rifle, it takes game from small to big stags nicely and best of all, I can trust it to no end.

    this is my 'blaser' of my rifle cabinet, if you know what I mean.

    does and cannot come with scope, but weaver mounts are offered.

    with timney FW deluxe trigger I'm looking for just 250 + RFD fees
    with the canjar single set trigger it would be 500 + RFD fees

    thanks for lookingAttachment 41770

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    Hi, could you send some more pics of over to me please, at, and is the barrel screw cut,
    Kind regards tim

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    Leg.... Will do asap. Top..Near Kelso

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