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Thread: Swarovski Mounts

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    Swarovski Mounts

    Bought a set of Leupold 30mm PRW mounts to put Swarovski 8x50 (30mm tube) onto Howa 1500 but the tube is slightly bigger than the rings!? has anyone had a similar problem and what mounts were actually successful?

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    Dont take this to the bank - its your scope and your call.

    The Leupold mounts are good, but have a 1;4 type split ring. The upper piece of the ring goes just over centre on the tube. IE it wont just slip on - it snaps on. Frankly this still brings me out in a cold sweat for fear of marking the tube. When Byron did some filming with me ages back, we fitted a brand spanky new top of the line Z6i Nutter Turbo etc into Leupold rings. We drew straws for who was going to do the deed and cold sweat doesn't begin to describe it! But on they went - with a nerve shattering 'click' and off they came - no mark - phew!

    It helps to lightly lubricate the tube and ensure the rings aren't stone cold. Support the tube in your hand - less likely to stress it - and apply firm steady pressure to the top of the ring.

    Ultimately, no mount worth risking a scope for. If in real doubt, swap the Leupold for 50;50 split rings like Warne etc.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for that, I was tempted to "press them home" but wary of scratching the tube going on and off.
    Had Warne mounts on for previous scope (1" tube ) so will go with these again.
    Good to hear it's not entirely due to my inexperience!

    1" Warne mounts (low) now surplus to requirements.

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    1:4 rings are a nightmare (including uber expensive Apel ones) - However - You can avoid damaging the scope tube by using a thin plastic film sheet to act as a bearing whilst clipping the rings over. Slip it out & hey presto - no marks. BUT beware not to over tighten any 1:4 rings as it is too easy to damage the scope tube - the lower 1/4 exerts four times the crushing load to the tube. For this reason I will never buy any more 1:4 style rings. Best stick to 50;50 & preferably with plastic inserts (Optilock or Burris Signature Zee rings)


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    Cheers, ideally wanted Warne mounts but couldn't get them at the time so impatience won and opted for Leupold - every day's a school day!

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    It's easy, you will need to allen keys or similar, that fit the screw holes.
    Insert one in a screw whole on one side of the rings, the other one opposite.
    Now squeeze the keys together, that will spring the rings open just enough for them to slip on without
    damaging the scope finish, work on all the rings that split this way.


    PS: Doesn't need to be allen keys, a couple of bits of round bar or even small screw drivers ,that fit will work just as well, if not better,.

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    Apel mounts are the same. Another way of doing it is to cut some plastic sections out of a margarine tub or similar and put them between the mounts and scope as you slip them on and pull them out afterwards.

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    i hate split warne rings the only scope i ever had ring damage too was with them buggers , optilock or leo's 2nd best for me on a 2k scope

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    Thanks guys, a couple of options to try tonight. Still a bit concerned about this "snap" fit and ensuring the top section is square on the tube but will take it easy and see how it goes.

    To me this is what the SD is all about, the sharing of information from people who know to those of us still learning. Cheers

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    Hi EBA243 Just remember to torque the screws down very carefully- only to the correct specified tightness whatever that is - don't nip them down any more!
    The 30mm tube on the 8 x 50 Swaro is very flimsy & can be crushed all too easily.
    It is my belief that these 1:4 Apel style rings were fine in the olden days on steel tubed scopes & are marginally acceptable on modern 25mm scopes, but are not good for 30mm tubes.


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