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Thread: Mountain Rhebuck in South Africa

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    Mountain Rhebuck in South Africa

    Hope this might be of some interest to some

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    He's a beauty Guy, looks like you had to work hard for that old boy.

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    Well done Guy. Pleased for you. Looking forward to hearing about it sometime.

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    Nice one and great video to boot!


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    Quote Originally Posted by guybaxendale View Post
    Hope this might be of some interest to some

    Mountain Reedbuck (Redunca fulvorufula) not Rhebok (Pelea capreolus) to me.

    Either way a hard day on the hill.


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    Nice Mountain Reedbuck,

    I always enjoy hunting them in the hills.

    Hunted nearby before near Molteno.

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    Fine hunting country, handsome animals, and good shooting - thanks for sharing, and congratulations on a successful hunt.
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    Not too big to get mounted and still, maybe, be allowed it into the house! Mines still in the garage right enough! Well done. Shot a Common Reedbuck last year. Getting it done too. Garage again probably.

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    Nice vid

    i shot mountain Reedbuck and Vaal Rhebuck on the Winterberg a few years ago
    great walk and stalk in those surroundings
    looks like you enjoyed time up on the Stormberg...

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    Excellent post and hunting thanks for sharing.

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