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Thread: Slippery slope?

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    BASC response?

    One is tempted to help Durham by suggesting an extension of the voluntary questionnaire - which PATENTLY IS EFFECTIVE. Items such as -

    1. Are there any unsolved crimes for which you'd like to confess?
    2. Have you ever felt like doing a bank robbery?
    3. Have you ever exceeded the speed limit by even 1 mph and do you voluntarily waive any defence that car speedo's arent that accurate anyway?

    Think of the savings....

    There is a strong argument to focus on the person, not the items. But this isn't anything to do with that. This is a redoubling of effort after losing sight of the objective.
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    I know for a fact that many medical records are wrong.
    I also know of Dr's replying to the police saying "not suitable" because they are anti gun.
    Very slippery slope.

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    DURHAM give an alchy wife beater and known thug his guns back and he kills his family despite being called to deal with him several times and instead of cleaning up their act come up with a way of getting more money out of people and still dont deal with the original problem ,themselves talk about double standards.yes the system aint perfect but i always thought u get done for abh/gbh wife beating your tickets gone.whoever gave him his guns back should be in court for 3rd degree murder not coming up with scams to hit the public purse.once again unnamed and unshamed police get away with it and people are dead

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    I was not aware that my GP was informed when I was issued an FAC/SGC.
    I would have thought this information was privileged .
    I do not know for sure who else in my surgery have access to my medical records but I bet its more than just my GP.
    There are at least 5 GP's in the practise I am registered at so that's at least 5 people who know I hold certificates.
    I would have thought the fewer people who know that the better.

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    We are already asked about any Depression or Mental Health Issues on the Application Form so what do they hope to achieve over and above this?
    As for Physical conditions I asked BASC about this. They said to include anything relevant and they suggested that if you were well enough to have a license to drive a motor car you were well enough to operate a firearm.
    Durham would appear to struggle implementing existing checks without inventing new ones.


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    My Doctor would say... "Simon who?"
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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