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Thread: Photonic (Kahles) 6x42 target (BDC) turrets

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    Photonic (Kahles) 6x42 target (BDC) turrets

    This was built for the Israeli Defence Force 7.62 M1A. It has target turrets in M.O.A. but also a bullet drop compensation cam for M118 (173gn) ammo which works very well to 800m with 168gn loads. It has a rubber sunshade and a range finding reticule (illustrated). Tube is 26mm. Tritium illumination has a short half-life and is sadly defunct. These are much sought after in the US by M1A lovers. It has some battle scars and the turret numerals are faint but it functions perfectly. The optics are superb as you might expect; it would make a great stalking scope. 275 posted.

    n.b. the lenses are not tinted as they appear to be in the picture
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WP_20140505_11_51_21_Pro (1).jpg   WP_20140505_11_51_58_Pro (1).jpg   WP_20140505_11_54_07_Pro.jpg   reticule.jpg  
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