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Thread: Thread protector

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    Thread protector

    Im after a thread protector for a Howa 1500 in 243 flavour. My RFD ordered me one from Highland outdoors and when it turned up it was plastic and they wanted 12 for it! I have ordered one from a couple of places now and they are always too short.

    can anyone tell me where I can get one that will be long enough??

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    bushwear sell them in various threads think there not sure what material though

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    try moray outfitting on here, I'm sure when I picked up my rifle from them Andy said WHEN I loose my thread protector get in contact as the usually keep them in stock.

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    Yeah I tried bushware, they're too short.

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    The cheap ones on e-bay are too short too so not worth buying from there

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    Quote Originally Posted by perdix View Post
    The cheap ones on e-bay are too short too so not worth buying from there
    Yeah tried there too! Ive got a couple of suggestions to follow up, so cheers guys, but keep um coming!

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    There was a chap on here doing custom thread protectors, try searching for it

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    find a decent engineering workshop and ask them to make you one?

    all they need is the thread and lenth required.


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    What thread ?


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