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Thread: Sako 75 action iii.

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    Sako 75 action iii.

    If you have a shot out or damaged Sako 75 Action III (.243 .308 size) rifle for sale, I would be pleased to hear from you.
    I am seriously considering having a .260 Rem made up but first need to get a suitable donor action.

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    Could sell you a 260 built on a Sako75, or a 75 in 22/250 ....?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Could sell you a 260 built on a Sako75, or a 75 in 22/250 ....?
    PM sent.

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    Still looking. Can anyone of our engineers advise what the implications are for using a Sako 75 111 action from a .22-250 to create a .260 Rem ? I am thinking of the bolt head and magazine feed in particular.

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    yes as the bolt is the same just watch for the length of the cartridges in the mag, but i could have built a 260 off my 22.250 but went for a 6.5x47 .

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