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Thread: Lee precision decap mandrel .241

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    Lee precision decap mandrel .241

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a replacement mandrel for a .243 lee collect neck sizer.

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    When I broke one I told Lee in the USA and they sent a new one for free
    That said I now usually end up removing the pin as I use the universal de-capping die.


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    titan reloading, their cheaper than lee hehe.

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    didn't think about contacting lee, looks like it might be replaced under waranty

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    Quote Originally Posted by activeviii View Post
    titan reloading, their cheaper than lee hehe.
    They pay you to take them away ?
    If so I'll have a million of them


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    I tried lee on a pin and they wanted me to pay the postage and handling, not a problem, but titan still came out cheaper even after buying the part.

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    Henry Krank or Tim Hannam sell spares

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    this is now sorted thanks to lee, they are replacing it under warranty and posting it to me f.o.c.

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