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Thread: Bullet recommendations for 1/9 .223

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    Bullet recommendations for 1/9 .223

    I have a pro-varmint .223 with 1/9 twist 24" barrel and am finally in the position to fine tune a load for it.
    I use Norma factory 50g Vmax to great success but now I'm pushing the distances out a bit on the crows and plinking I quite fancy the 55g Noslers.
    It will be for literally everything from 5y squirrels through to 100y muntjac, 200y foxes and crows within eyesight

    So I was just wondering which bullets you guys have found to work well in a 1/9.

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    60gn Vmax and 73gn Berger. Both shoot sub half inch.
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    Brill. Hadn't looked had the 60g vmaxs I must admit. Any powder recommendations for them?

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    63 gr sierra semi point are great
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    The 1:9 twist was developed by FN, along with a new bullet design, to improve the M-16 after Vietnam. It went from a 300 yard rifle to a 600 yard rifle, and with the SS109 bullet, would punch the old "steel pot" GI helmet at 600 yards with a square hit.

    My modern AR-15s are all vanilla, 1:9 twist rate, Mil Spec semiauto versions of those made for the USMC, even the same manufacturer, except for a PWA I built myself. They shoot 55, 60, 62, and 63 gr bullets very well. The new Winchester 60-gr hunting ammunition shoots one ragged hole. I would start with the 63-gr and 65-gr Sierra, the 64-gr Winchester Power Point, the 60-gr Nosler, and 55-gr Barnes TSX. I have not bought any .223 bullets in a long time, though, because I bought 5,000 FMJ long ago, 5,000 SS109, a bunch of Winchester 55-gr SP, and Sierra 63-gr.

    If it shoots the 63-gr Sierra, try the 65 gr, which is made for deer, coyotes, etc. 23 to 26.0 gr Varget. The 65 has the less bearing surface than the 63, so use the same load. 25.5 gr with Rem brass, CCI 400 primers, 2.25" COAL. A friend loaded these and they run about 2,900 fps from our 20-inch barrel Bushmasters. He has been stalking a wild boar that was tearing up a horse pasture, and got it last night at 80 yards. Shot it behind the ear, using this load, broke it's neck, bullet exited. Boar weight 340 lbs.
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    52gr amax with benchmark. Stops everything out to 300 yards and more.

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    Im currently using 52g amax with 24.5g of bl-c(2) and cci br primers with ppu and hornady case's with my 1/9 twist cz,
    Worked the load up and down and the 24.5g is best 100m-300m. The best factory loads are hornady tap 60g and the 55g vmax for fox. Tried 68g and 69g bthp's but no sub moa groups.

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    My 1in9 Remmy .223 loves 55gn Nosler BT's and 55gn VMax , both use 25gn of Benchmark and produce clover leaf groups at 100m. Set 20 thou off the lands.

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    Thanks all. In the end I've gone for 60g Nosler b/t and h335 (as couldn't get benchmark) with cci400 primers. Will hopefully have a play next week and see what they can do.

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    Mine is 1:8, will only shoot 60grn V max, 26 grn Varget, lapua brass.


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