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Thread: Federal 30-06 Vtial-Shok 180 Grain Nosler Partition ammo.

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    Federal 30-06 Vtial-Shok 180 Grain Nosler Partition ammo.

    I have some Federal 120 (6x20) 30-06 Vtial-Shok ammo surplus to requirements due to now reloading.

    They are 180 Grain Nosler Partition all the same batch product code P3006R.

    This stuff is not the easiest to get and Iím looking for £25 a box.

    collection only with appropriate FAC conditions please.

    Im in Lancs.

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    Sensible offers consider they need to go they are in the way.

    Thanks Smithy

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    whats the best price on all of them?

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    Hi Lee,
    Tell me what you want to pay,
    I dont want to lose to much, Im not going to use them so if anybody off the site can make good use of them then fine,
    you do know that they are £46 a box,
    they have been used for boar and Africa and work fine I just like reloading and I tend to stick with thoses I do myself.
    I take you are going to have to travel



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