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Thread: Recent stalk in Sussex

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    Recent stalk in Sussex

    Finally managed to get some time off work to go out stalking this year. Arranged with Sikamalc to go for the Roe bucks last week. The first stalk was on the evening of 30th of April and Malcolm suggested we try for a Fallow buck as it was the last day of the season. Started at about 5.30pm. First stop was a lovely piece of woodland which showed plenty of signs of deer but the fellas were just not showing. After about 30mins of walking around, we spotted a patch of white in thicket. A quick ook through the glasses revealed a white fallow doe and two other normal ones but no bucks. We decided to change location and go looking for the roe as Malcolm said that they were only moving at last night of recent. After about 20mins in the new location we started spotting a few roe does but no bucks. This went on for about an hour and light was starting to fade. We then came on to this rough meadow which bordered on another field with another doe feeding in it. Just as we were talking quitely among ourselves bemoaning the lack of a buck, we spotted a buck in the same fielded who was previously obscured by cover. He was about 90 yards away and walking towards us . Malcolm set teh sticks up and I quickly placed by sauer 3006 on it but for some reason the buck stopped in its tracks and then quickly changed direction. He quickly disappeared again from out view among the cover and that was the end of it. We were both a bit frustrated and decided to retrace our steps back to the vehicle when Malcolm spotted movement (it was now almost last light) in the same field that we previously had spotted a doe. At first, we thought it was the same doe but a closer look revealed a proper big lad who Malcolm thought was pretty close to a Gold medal. He quickly put the sticks on and I got my scope on him. Unfortunately, it was very poor light and he just did not present for a shot. I was not totally disappointed as while I had him in my sights, I was imagining trying to explain to the missus the fee for a Gold buck - and the image of sleeping in the car for a week kept appearing!
    Anyway, the next morning we were out at first light. The weather was depressing with rain and mist all around. We covered the same area in the hope that we will see the Big chap again but no such luck. We could not spot a single deer for close to two hours. Malcolm then decided to take me into a meadow that we had not covered the previous night. At first sight, there was nothing visible and I was already starting to think about the evening stalk and hoping for better luck. But then we literally bumped into a roe doe lying among the tall grass. The doe and us were equally surprised. She quickly ran into a nearby covering to our left. Malcolm then turned around and started to show me where she was lying when something ran out of the thicket and came to a stop in front of us about 60 yards away. At first, we both thought that it was the same doe but then quickly realised the small difference of a the 6-pont antler! Down the came the sticks and quick shot into the engine room. He turned and ran out of our sight but I was pretty sure that I had hit him. We found him a few yards away with a perfect heart shot doing the job.
    Unfortunately, the next two outings didn't yield a result but I guess we were the only ones out in the silly weather! I have returned back to Wales, a happy man and the roe in the freezer should last at least half the summer. Many thanks to Malcolm for a great time.
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    Nicely done. Malcolm sure knows his way around doesn't he?

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    A nice write up darkstalker, well done mate.

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    Well done nice one mate.

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    Good write up, thanks for sharing,

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    Nice one!

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    Well done again Darkstalker, just got back from 2.5 days stalking. Weather was not good, but we managed another 3 Roe Bucks, including one modest 6 pointer within 20 minutes of getting out of the truck in awful weather. But a good result again.

    One great result was picking up another 40acres adjoining my major lease in West Sussex, which has never been shot before. Result was a 4 point cull buck first morning out for a new client and his first deer.


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    Well done, Waidmannsheil!
    You got to safe some coins, plus goodies for the missus to give it another try on the big boy
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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