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Thread: New rifle.

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    New rifle.

    Just got a new Sako 85 in .243 with a new scope, that's me done with purchases for the rest of the year!

    I'll get it out on the range over weekend for some running in. It feels really good, which is a good start.

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    Very Smart indeed...
    quiality package...Enjoy

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    Enjoy, enjoy.
    Looks very smart.
    I had a 85 in .243 all stainless with the laminated stock. Shot beautifully straight out of the box.
    I find the feel of the Sako reassuringly safe and could not fault it on presentation.



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    Such lovely rifles congrats. I've got the same setup in .308 and it's stunning. Mine loves a cold clean barrel, the first shot is always bang on so perfect for stalking, but it'll still put 10 shots inside 50p at 100m at the range.

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    Cheers fellas, aye it does feel like a real quality bit of kit. Heavy in a reassuring kind of way, fingers crossed for a bit of sun this weekend!

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    Lovely rifle, will serve you well.

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    I bought a new Sako 85 in 243 also, I've had it for about 6 months now and I am very pleased with it.

    Happy shooting!
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    Lovely rifles i got the Sako 85 in22-250 shoots great, excelent build quality, mmmmm got room for a 243 on my ticket, lets count the pennies, enjoy you shooting

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    I see you got it, cracking looking bit of kit mate, very nice finish on wood. Enjoy you lucky sod.

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    Nice bit of kit enjoy and shoot straight!

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