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Thread: Stock dilemma - its not simple so a brew may be required!

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    Stock dilemma - its not simple so a brew may be required!

    Ok guys here's the issue.
    I need to raise my eye line on my sako 75 III.
    Got a scope with a 56mm obj that I like and get on with, there's about 1mm clearance over the barrel (by the time BC's are on).

    Until now I've been making do with a strap on pad and a very low cheek weld (near the point of my jaw). This has been fine for my shooting up to date, but now I'm starting to stretch my distances beyond the "approved" 100m I'm starting to get consistency issues.

    I thought that if i moved to a higher cheek weld (ie under cheek bone) the fixed bone position would help consistency, this then leads to need to raising my stock by circa 1". This led to a few attempts at re-padding my existing system and looking at Karstens kits (Karsten’s Custom Camo) and considered a replacement stock.

    My preference would be an adjustable cheek piece on a synthetic stock (living in the lakes and having to shoot in all weathers it needs to to be weather resistant at least), but Mc Millan, Bell & Carson etc don't do such a stock (unless its a massive tac one). This has led me to looking hard at the GRS stocks.

    The info I'm after is:
    - How weather proof is the laminate on the GRS stocks?
    - Do they need much maintenance to keep them water tight (ignoring the consequences of rough handling)?
    - Am I missing some makers of synthetic stocks with an option on a higher comb / adjustable comb?
    - Is there another way of skinning this cat that doesn't involve changing my scope / drilling my stock in the garage and regretting it when I bodge it?

    Thanks in advance of your pearly wisdom!

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    Don't know what stock cover you use but I had a similar problem with my sako's which I overcame at the cost of about a tenner of eBay. I got a neoprene stock bullet holder which secures with velcro and cut oval shaped bits of old camping mat to get the right height.

    Because the neoprene stretches round the cut outs it holds its shape and I have never had issues with it moving even after crawling through heather etc. I made a circular hole around the stud for the swivel in the cheek piece and reinforced it with cloth tape which stops it ripping and assists in stopping any slipping.
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    wood or the rubber 75 iii stock only saying as i have a rubber feel factory grey one up the shed going !

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    The stock cover was one fixed with Velcro straps and 1/2" pad on top. When I layered up some foam it ended up about 1&1/2" high to get the right height, which made it a little trick to keep solid on top of the stock! Nothing to lose trying it your way, Ta

    paul o' -it's already in a factory rubber, so once this is sorted, there may be another one for sale!

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