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Thread: A not so exciting pig hunt in North Texas....

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    A not so exciting pig hunt in North Texas....

    I got invited to hunt for a few days on an internet buddy's deer lease about 120 miles NW of Dallas... I made my way over there easy enough and we met up for a quick bite and headed to his patch of brush about 25 miles further...We got the tent set up...and made some shade to cook under and have a cool place to spend the afternoons...

    As you can see, it is pretty dry and desolate...nearly a desert! You can see it is quite inhospitable...mostly mesquite and cactus...only tough critters survive here...

    But with a tarp for shade and a supply of groceries, ice and brandy I figured that I would survive the afternoon was in the mid 90's F when we got done setting up camp...

    That first evening we decided to slip out to Andrews deer stand and check to see if the hogs were at the feeder...about an hour or so before sunset we headed that way. When we got close we tried to watch for hogs in the feeder area...I saw a big black lump...thought it was a hog...all I could see was a black lump... Andrew said he had built some piles of brush when clearing shooting lanes..we were convinced that it was brush..and about that time a big black hog erupted out of that lump! It had been bedded right there, and I had him in my scope...but could not properly identify just a split second he disappeared.....I didn't get the shot.
    We slipped a bit farther up the trail toward the stand...I caught movement...I had a hog in the scope, it was running, my finger settled on the trigger just as the hog went out of sight...again, no shot! Well, we were encouraged, at least there were hogs around and using the feeder...we climbed into the deer stay until it was too dark to is the view of the feeder from the stand....

    We spent that evening watching the feeder at dark the coyotes were howling all around us...and we had not seen any more hogs... Back at camp we sat under the stars and listened to the coyotes and planned for more hog hunting...brandy and Jim Beam flowed freely... In the morning we would be in the stand just as it was breaking day to see what we could see....
    All we saw was a lone turkey hen....she worked about the feeder...

    and then she came over closer to where we were sitting...

    We ended up hunting that evening without seeing anything...the next morning Andrew and I split up...I sat in his blind and he went to another blind...again we came up empty... That evening we decided to change up our plans and hunt into the night...we never left to go to the stand until the sun was going hogs at the feeder..but I spotted a huge hog out in the winter wheat field behind Andrews deer we watched him we could see another was clear that he was chasing a sow around. I think it was the same two hogs we had seen the first evening..The problem was they were at least 600yds from where we were and probably at least 400yds inside the fence... It appeared at times they were moving our way..and I mentioned that we might be able to work the wind well enough to get closer to them...but in the end we decided to just wait and let them come to the they had been cleaning it up each day...
    Andrew had a green LED kill light mounted on his rifle, so we stayed until close to midnight waiting for the hogs to show up...they never did! The coyotes provided the evening music...and by the time we got back to camp I was ready for a brandy and lights out! I may not have killed a hog, but I did sleep very, very well out there in the bush!
    We never killed a hog, but had encounters that we never managed to capitalize on...our fault by my reckoning! Andrew had only been in this lease since last fall, so he really did not have a good idea of how the hogs really utilize that land...and also while his feeder was putting out corn for the deer and hogs I don't think he was putting enough out to make the hogs stick tight to his area. All good lessons time I go hunting with him...I will have a lite on my rifle and will spend much more time sitting in the dark, and will also try to hunt on the full moon as well...
    Probably the best part was I got to meet an internet acquaintance that I had conversed with for several we have become fast friends and we will hunt together again I am sure...for the plan is already in the works!

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    Nice write up, pity you couldn't get a hog but there's always next time, good luck for your next trip!

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    Dont wory, thats hunting....
    Next time more luck!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    brilliant location and a good write up, better luck next outing.

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