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Thread: 270 Winchester - what's your favourite load?

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    270 Winchester - what's your favourite load?

    Hi guys
    I have just started reloading for a tikka t3 in 270 cal. I would welcome any recommendations that could be given for your favourite hunting reloads in this calibre.

    Many thanks

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    Mine is Hornady 140gr BTSP and Elcho/Reloder 17, giving about 2900fps from a 23" barrel

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    130 gr BTSP and reloader 19 same load since I bought the rifle in 1989 don't know how fast its going ,never had anything outrun it though

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    I reload for two Mark X mausers in .270...we use both 130 and 140gr bullets...

    130gr. Hornady interlock, Winchester case, Rem LR primer, 52.5gr IMR4350, Velocity is very close to 3000fps.

    140gr. Hornady interlock, and SST's, Remington case, Rem LR primer, 54.5 gr IMR 4831, Velocity is 2950fps

    Neither load is maximum in my rifles, both loads are very accurate as well in the Mark X 24" barrel... My wife killed a black bear and a big cow elk this past hunting season with the 140gr load each with one shot. The bear ran 25yds and piled up, the elk never took another fell over at 296 yds...


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    Norma brass
    N160 - 56gr
    130gr Hornady Interlock

    no longer play with any other bullet. 130s do everything and more that a lighter/heavier combo does

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    I don't have a 270, but I think that O'Connors load with a 130 grain Nosler Partition is hard to improve. Certainly for British conditions, where the game is not over heavy. Flat shooting, high penetration and reasonable meat loss. The moment I get a 270, this would be my starting point.

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    Mine is 150 gr Hornady interlock,Remington 9.5 lr primers, 53.7 gr H 4831 sc shot from a 24" barreled PH. Don't have chrono readings but is the most accurate load from my rig.

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    A 150 grain Sierra GK over IMR 4350. My Howa would punch nearly single hole groups using it. My old M-70 would shoot 1/2 inch.~Muir

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    What powder can you get locally in good supply? start with that. My normal load is a 130gn bullet, Federal Mag primer, 58gn Re22. As re22 is getting tricky to find, I am experimenting with Elcho 17. Over the years, I have used Gamekings, Prohunters, Interlocks, and Interbonds. All work fine.
    The best advice I can give you is, Keep a detailed diary of any load development that you do. Because I kept all the records from when I was working up loads, I had several usable loads that I new were safe and accurate in my rifle. When I couldn't get gamekings, I swapped to Interlocks but already new what load I needed. .270 seems to be very forgiving. If you can get a copy of the article Jack o'connor wrote about .270 load development in Pet loads some years ago, it is a great read.
    Don't get too caught up on components, the majority will work fine, don't try and be to clever and stay within the recommended loads in your data. Have fun


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