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Thread: V Max for Deer

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    V Max for Deer

    I have just found a box of 100 .243 87 grain VMax with my reloading gear. I dont even remember buying them or what I bought them for. Has any one used this round on deer and if so what were your thoughts of it? It is roe I am thinking about using them on.


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    v max

    v for varmint

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    Don't, they'll explode on impact, it's what they're designed to do.
    As swampy says, V=varmint, save them for charlie.

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    Yes they will explode, and will make a terrible mess of the carcass. Seen it happen, snot everywhere
    Its a fox round, and as Geoshot said, are designed to explode on impact

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    foolishly tried them recently. What a bloody mess!

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    I use them all the time on Roe, Superb!! put it this way they very rarely run! Never noticed any difference on carcass damage etc.

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    V Max

    I have also shot quite a few Roe with these. Never had the terrible mess i read about. In the boiler house i usualy find lots of energy dumped on the internal organs and they drop like a stone. Used for head or neck shots i find them really efficient.

    Have also seen Standard soft points hit bone and make a mess.

    Its a debate that has been done many times and with the same sort of yes and no we are seeing on this thread.

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    They are excellent, you wont get any runners, just be carefull when you put one in the boiler house, will make a mess of the shoulder(s) if you get it wrong.

    Dare I even mention it but also highly effective for head and neck shots.

    I agree entirely with Rednecks sentiments. I find them extemly accurate, more accurate than the operator which is good for confidence.

    There might be considerable incoming from the site re their use, however I think it is a case of matching the bullet to the load and rifle slower rather than faster may be a case in point.

    In 10yrs of using them in both .223 and laterly .243 have never seen these so called horrendous surface wounds that people seem to trot off all the time.

    Noslers (moly coated) out of a 6mm BR are absolutely deadly, and if you have an accurate rifle with a steady position are absolutely clinical.

    Will now retreat to Box Hill bunker.


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    i use them also for deer never had a problem

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