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Thread: Sako subsonic in .308

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    Sako subsonic in .308

    Came across Sako ammunition in a guns shop today which had the box marked as subsonic and also full metal jacket ( head was was purple and tip of bullet head looked rather like ballistic tip).
    This was 185 grain in .308 calibre. I could not find anything authoritative about the ballistics of this ammo. Anyone know? Also - if it's full metal jacket, then is that legal for deer and does it count as "expanding ammuniution"??

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    I think this is the ammo you refer to.

    However (I will be corrected if I am wrong) but FPS is too low for a legal deer load,


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    I am not certain but I believe that this ammo is meant for the military/police market and for use through a sound moderator.
    Being full metal jacket it is non expanding and thus not legal for shooting deer in this the U.K.
    Sako also produce a low velocity despatching round in .308w for short range use.

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    Hi just wondering where this shop is? do you have any contact details for them?
    cheers James

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