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Thread: BASC elections, Martyn Jones hunt ban advocate

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    BASC elections, Martyn Jones hunt ban advocate

    Just read this on the pigeon watch website, might be of interest to BASC member thinking of voting, apparently only shoots clays-

    Martyn Jones Former Labour MP is standing as a BASC candidate. Please be aware of the things he voted for in his time in office, most importantly the issue below:


    Other issues might interest you
    Voted to try and exclude himself from the freedom of information act at the start of the expenses scandal - the vote failed!

    Don't just listen to what you are told search the candidates, we see what happens when we get the wrong sort in with the GL threads so make your own minds up but do your research before hand!

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    seems a bit of an anti and very against any form of hunting.5th columnist type.lotsa of peeps think he,s doing it to infiltrate and dilute the work BASC do.

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    Apparently he was elected to the BASC Council earlier today

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    About right for basc
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    I am a bit lost here. Why would a man with that kinda history be voted on ??

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    So he can wangle a seat on any consultation group and then stab shooters in the back like as has happened over lead shot?

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    its what the antis do best worm in ,shaft,destroy.enough posted about him butn still donuts voted him in

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    Maybe they voted for him on his record of defending SHOOTING (as BASC is a shooting body) and not his record on defending a pastime that has nothing to do with shooting?

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    How do you vote 'STRONGLY'?
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