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Thread: Federal fusion ammo?

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    Federal fusion ammo?

    Evening all, just been flicking through some magazines and stumbled across an advert for the federal fusion ammo, from what i can gather its priced quite low (always a bonus) but seems to be better than the power shoks in terms of grouping, killing power etc? Does anybody use the fusions or have any feedback on them as im thinking of getting some to put through my .243?



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    Some of the best factory stuff ive tried

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    Another Forum member I know swears by Fusion for his 270 Win. The caveat as ever is to check what your rifle likes. There's a wide range of options for the 243 Win. I've used Sako, Federal, Norma and RWS, but there's lots more to try.

    Regards JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    Some of the best factory stuff ive tried
    + 1. Regards pete

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    I use the Fusion 140's in my 6.5x55 and find them excellent, they group very well and work very reliably on Red and Fallow. They are not fast so drop off at longer stalking ranges, I dont often shoot beyond 200 yds.

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    Well my 270 stutzen didn't like it. Could not get a group better than 8 inches. Swapped back to power shock and down to accepted 1 inch group.

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    Used to us it in my X-bolt .270, grouped very well only problem I had was that on quite a few occasions the bullet passed right through with out doing to much damage.
    One hind I shot dropped on the spot rolled down a hill got up & legged it for 300m into some trees before she finally stopped, nice neat hole right through.
    stopped using them after that.

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    been using fusions for a while now . and never had any problems atb the highlander

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    Cheers for the input guys, now just to try and source some locally to me as im pretty sure my usual gun shop doesn't stock them 😞

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    Use it now for the first season on roe in .22-250. Brilliant ammo.Minimizes damage and bruising to a minimum.Exellent stuff.

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