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    Does any body know anything about the 6x70R. Seems to becoming a more popular calibre for insert barrels for drillings so as to give a bit more power than 22 Hornet levels. Looks a bit like a stretched Hornet, but shooting a 6mm / 243 bullet. Norma do load it - 90 gn bullet at 2460 fps.

    Just seems an interesting wee calibre - just the thing for a little custom rifle based on an old 22 Martini action, or even as a single barreld break action. When I was last down in london popped into Roberts gunmakers - they had a lovely little rifle in 17 HMR buitl around the martini action and Dickson in Edinburgh had a similar one chmbered in one of the European rimmed 22s.

    No pracitcal use waht so ever, but just day dreaming.

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    At first I thought you were joking.A 6mm with a case longer than a 3006 sgfd,that would give a little bit more poke than a hornet.Would it even clear a martini action?.

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