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Thread: 22 hornet vmax heads

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    22 hornet vmax heads

    Does anyone know a supplies who has hornady 35g vmax heads in stock. how good is the Serria 40g soft point compared to the 35g vmax

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    Sorry can't help with the vmax but 40 grain Sierra hollow points work well. 13 grains of H Li'l Gun and a small pistol primer gives me 2,900 fps consistently.

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    is that code 1385 do you know if they expand more than the soft point

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    Quote Originally Posted by spook View Post
    is that code 1385 do you know if they expand more than the soft point
    Yes 1385. Sorry, I cannot help regarding comparison with the soft-points.
    When I body-shoot a rabbit with the hollow point it makes quite a mess, so I think expansion is ok. However I have never recovered a bullet. I have yet to experience anything moving after being hit though, so does the job well. Very effective on crows too.
    The only soft points I have used were factory loads of 42 grains and travelling significantly slower, so not a fair comparison really.

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    Can't help with a supplier in or near Wales but suggest you go for the 35g when you find one.

    That said what is it you intend to shoot? If rabbits and you are hoping the soft point will be less destructive I doubt you'll realise the difference unless downloading significantly. Something that on paper looks fine but does not translate on the range as accuracy goes all to hell.

    My experience at least.

    Drive them hard and fast for happy Horneting!


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    The 35 grain V-Max bullet is one of the bullets that Hornady has (temporarily?) suspended production of. I bought the last stick of 1000 that came into our Trading Post this past winter and haven't seen any since. Buy them when you see them.....~Muir

    PS: If your dealer can get MidwayUK to sell him their own "Dog Town" 34 grain HP bullets you will be very happy. When my son decided he was only shooting 35 grain VM I saved my supply for him and bought 3K of these. Better BC than the VM and fit the CZ magazine like they were made for it. Inexpensive. Very accurate. Very explosive @ 3050 fps. MidwayUK list them as "mixed availability" but they are definitely worth a shot.
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