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Thread: T8 Moderator Wanted / Swap for ASE Northstar Ultra

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    T8 Moderator Wanted / Swap for ASE Northstar Ultra

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    I have a ASE Northstar Ultra in really good condition, its been sprayed in a darkish green colour by the previous owner. Ive only put about 40 rounds through at most. Im looking for a cheap but good condition T8 Reflex Mod insead. The only reason for me wanting a T8 is that the previous owner of my Howa .308 must have used one and it has worn a little bit of the blueing away on my barrel, and using my ASE being shorter in length shows this worn area on the barrel. So I would like to get a T8 so it covers this up.

    Ideally if someone has one out there that is local to me in the Moray/Aberdeenshire area of Scotland so I dont have to start posting it off/receiving through an RFD to save time and hassle. I have authority already on my FAC for a second moderator.


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    What thread size do you need ? I have a M18 T8 surplus to requirements.

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    I have a 1/2"unf I'd swap
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    Hi mate not to put a damper on your request but I have both a t8 and a North Star the north star is definitely quieter than the t8 is just put up with the bit blueing being missing fact I do on my 22/250 had a t4 on it but now got the north star on it'maybe cheaper easier getting the barrel reblued or creacoated . Just an idear.

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    Are you sure about that? I always thought the t8 was the benchmark for other moderators, iv never owned a northstar, but have tried quite a few others, only other mod that came close to the t8 was a jet-z compact not trying to go off topic, just surprised I would like to try one just to see.

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    Another possible option is to use one of the cold-blue products. It should do a good enough job to disguise the polished area and is easy to reapply when it wears off.

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    I have one and local to you but it depends what thread size you need.

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