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Thread: Geco 105grain .243

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    Geco 105grain .243

    Thinking of trying out Geco 105 grain softpoints in my .243. Have always used Norma or RWS but was curious about the Geco. I know it is also from Ruag, but it is 15 euro cheaper than RWS, which is becoming difficult to source. Is that cheap price reflected in the quality of the ammo? I know the shooting show has a box of Geco in every film but I was looking for a more informed opinion! Any info greatfully received.

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    Shot well in my Tikka 590 243, a bit of a surprise as not all 100gn ammo shot all that well. Was my preferred option on hill reds until 6.5x47 rebarrel. Relatively cheap and cheerful ammo across here too, but worth a go. Would happily use it still if I could.



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    They went ok through my cz. Great on roe not so good on fallow but maybe thats just me. If i still had the 243 would still use geco

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    As accurate through my Sako 75 as Federal 100gr BTSP, 95gr RWS and 58gr Hornady V-Max at 100 yds. I suppose only long term testing or useage would tell if they're more prone to the odd flier.

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    Thanks guys, I'll get a couple of boxes to try!

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    RWS 100gn and Geco 105gn shoot to pretty much the same point of impact in Heym 243 and group size is as as good. The Geco bullet seems a bit tougher than the RWS bullet and thus a bit better in Red and roe

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    Yes they are great in my T3, I have taken Red, Fallow, Roe and Muntjac with them. Nice and accurate and not too much meat damage.

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    Is it possible to be these bullets for reloading

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