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Thread: Lead dripper

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    Lead dripper

    Looking for a lead dripper or has anyone got one which could supply me with measurements and pic as I have a few mate that
    are I the welding business

    thanks Jon

    I want it to make large shot 5 bing the smallest shot size

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    Don't know about the lead dripper but the shot tower to get the shot ....might not fit in the back garden

    Shot tower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    There's a very good article here:

    “Make Your Own Non-Toxic Shot”
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Now how do they catch the shot from the tower lol!

    well I have loads of lead which I have refined and ready just need the dripper!

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    if you search lead dripper on you tube there are plenty of plans for what you are after.
    The commercial one they imitate is called the Littleton shot maker.

    I seem to remember the actuall droppers were bolts with 1mm holes drilled in them.
    Also seem to remember there was something about mig/tig welding tips being used as the dripper though most just used the bolt and hole method.

    If you get one running I would be interested. I don't live too far from you so would be up for seeing it.

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    Cheers for the info I have a mate which has a few drawings and pics so will see what he comes up with

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    it would take the fifty feet for the molten lead to cool spherical before being caught in water at the bottom

    Quote Originally Posted by jonny.c View Post
    Now how do they catch the shot from the tower lol!

    well I have loads of lead which I have refined and ready just need the dripper!

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    It would be really interesting to see how you get on with this.

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    Well after chatting to my friend he is on sight for 6 weeks :-/ which has put me on hold ??? But no I decided to go to the local factory shop and buy a few little bits which I could try makings dripper my self ? First I have made a stand for the dripper which has angle adjustment and which the stove can sit under I have attached 6 single drippers. went for a little run tonight and found I need a bigger stove had a little camping stove which is just not man enough so I will be on the phone to my bro in the morning wishing to borrow his stove (which he may not see again) fingers crossed as this has cost me about £10.00 in total and a few hours with a mig welder so hope to have her running or in the scrap metal bin for the weekend time will tell

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    what are you using for drippers?

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