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Thread: crows and camo

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    crows and camo

    I have been asked to deal with some crows that are taking duck eggs next to a house. It doesnt lend itself to shotgun use so i have been trying my air rifle and. 22 lr. I hid behind a pile of logs and set some bantam eggs on the lawn. Within minuets i had a magpie but the crows just never seemed to settle and spotted me. What camo do you guys use. I have been looking at hats and gloves like the deerhunter sneaky set and full on ghillie suits. Have the collective used these and what are your thoughts

    Regards pete

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    You don't need a great deal of camo, cover your face snd hands and just sit tight. You obviously don't know that crows can't count though. Oldest trick in the book for decoying crows, two walk in, get set up then one walk away, crows come straight back in. If you try it on your own they will sit there and watch until you get bored and go away! Its worked when I have tried it......

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    I have done the very same thing over stubble but its not an option here unfortunatly. Im pretty sure it was just my face and one hand that they saw as everything else should have blended in

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    I once borrowed a professional ghillie suit to shoot pigeons under a flightline without a hide but was amazed at how even the crows didn't see me and flew so close. I understood it had some UV or other relective properties in it. Hassle to wear but pretty fascinating.

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    If a proper ghillie suit it wouuld have to be just a jacket as i think the trousers would drive me crazy

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    Get someone else to put out you decoys. Decoying the other day. Crows came to see us as we put out the decoys. Only a couple came near. Gave up. Went to lift the decoys, the beggars came to see what we were up to.

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    Never look directly at birds when you are in a hide.
    Its the eyes they see.
    Two forward facing eyes = danger

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadog View Post
    ...when you are in a hide.
    The missing word so far.

    Build a hide.

    Make it semi-permanent and comfortable (big enough for a camping chair, so you can sit and read a good book or scroll through SD on your phone, or even take 40 winks while you're waiting for the crows to settle. Comfort will stop you fidgeting and giving yourself away, and let you stay put for long enough to let any crows that saw you go in convince themselves that you've gone).

    Leave it for a while before you use it, too, to give the birds time to get used to it.

    Before occupying the hide I like to walk a circuit around it, unarmed, and about 200m out, as this moves on any sitting birds that might otherwise take too close an interest in a "disappearing" man with a gun, without drawing attention to the immediate area of the hide.

    When siting the hide, consider where the crows perch before landing on the ground and situate it so they are naturally looking away from it (safe backstops permitting, of course). I also like to put something distracting on the far side of my planned kill zone, but preferably out of my line of sight -a bit of tinfoil wrapped around a stick will do- as it further inclines the crows to look the other way.

    I tend to think too that it's a good idea to let the crows come in and settle for a while -long enough for them to form the impression that the place is safe- before I start picking them off, as it seems to leave them more confused about what's going on, making them more likely to hang around and investigate the dead instead of clearing off in search of pastures new.
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    get a bird of prey decoy
    pissed them off no end and they forget to look for the shooter!

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    Thanks for the replies. I sat sitting under thick conifers and behind a log pile the only visible part would have been my head, right arm / hand and gun. I hope to get a 22 hornet near the end of june so longer range crows should be easier.
    I had thought of getting a bird of pray decoy but didn't know weather the crows would land on the ground or jump mob it with arieal attacks.

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