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Thread: Understanding rifles and ammo

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    Understanding rifles and ammo

    I am revising for,my Dsc1 and find the whole subject of rifles and ammo hard to understand. Never having shot rifles before all the combinations are difficult to remember, that's to say nothing of ballistics!! If anyone has a table that easily explains it I would really appreciate it.

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    You might find this site interesting

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    are you using the dsc1 website for the revision?
    For 10 a month it is well worth it.

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    Hi Mate what is it you dont understand

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    You might find it easier to revise the rifles/ammo questions backwards ie look at the questions first then just learn what you need. Probably because it's a pet-topic for someone- there's far more info in the manual than you need for the test. You can always refer to the manual over the years as your knowledge progresses.

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    Tried that but that means I can answer the question but nit understand the full picture!! Thanks for your response.

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    have you checked the Deer Initiative website. They have some really good sections and one on firearms that help you understand. All sections are downloadable in PDF format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by filledeferme View Post
    Tried that but that means I can answer the question but nit understand the full picture!! Thanks for your response.

    You have just hit the nail on the head where it comes to exams and tests. Most are designed with course work then tests that trigger a memory. At school I upset Mr Thompson when I explained that exams only test ones ability to be a Parrot and a sponge. You absorb the information like a sponge and recite it like a parrot. It does not men that you actually understand it.

    If the question does not contain the trigger many cannot answer it. Only those who really understood what they were absorbing and really learnt it would answer.

    Of course this was not popular or well received by the afore mentioned Mr Thompson and for some odd reason we never got on after that .

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    I imagine the bit the OP is struggling with is all the different legal requirements for deer rifles in different parts of the UK.

    In this instance, understanding the big pictujre helps not at all - you just have to memorise it.

    If I recall, there aren't really any other rifle & calibre questions.

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