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Thread: dnz game reaper vs optilocks

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    dnz game reaper vs optilocks

    looking to replace the leopould mounts on my tikkas. want the most robust and strongest mounts i can get, the dnz look good but cant find many reviews on here. if anyone has the dnz or both then what are your opinions on the two compared? thanks

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    in my opinion you cant beat the optilocks. they work great nice and solid and well made

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    Neither. After 40 years of struggling with scope mounts, I'm putting a 0 MOA rail on each of my rifles as funds permit. Regards JCS

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    what rifle/scope combo and why does strength need to be the priority?

    your mounting options for DNZ are limited (think US rifle makes first)
    I like the idea of optiloks but think in practice they can be a bit of a faff, I also don't like have more bolts than absolutely required

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    there is no real need for it to be tough i ust like it to be that way lol. i am parranid about my rifles loosing zero so the more confidence i have in the set up the better, thanks

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    I got some dnz on my browning abolt they are very good and solid I can't fault them

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    I would choose Third Eye direct Sako fit mounts and by some spooky coincidence I also have a set for sale

    All joking aside they really are top quality mounts.

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    I went off optilocks because of the scope slipping when mounted on the .270 and .338. Also found that some of the inserts went brittle and started chipping and snapping (possibly due to solvent exposure?).

    I have been much happier with Leupold QRW, Nightforce and Badger Ordnance rings.

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    did look at third eye tactical but think they are abit out of my price ramge, how much are you after for yours? thanks

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    My choice would be a stainless rail and mounts from Recknagel. Badger Mounts would also do if available.
    I'd stay well clear of Optiloks.

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