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Thread: Car Problem, what should I do ?

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    Car Problem, what should I do ?

    My 1998 Toyota Landcruiser Colorado (206000 miles) has an oil leak from the rear dif, I took it to my local garage and they said it is corroded so badly I need a new rear axle. If I can get replacement axle is it worth doing it ? I reckon on approx 1000, the vehicle can't be worth more than 2k, then something else could go wrong. I've had it about 11 years and put 156000 miles on it. I took it to a couple of engineering places and they reckon its too corroded to weld.
    What should I do ? Repair, sell for spares or repair (what would it be worth) everything else on the car is sound (at the moment) 2 new batteries and 2 nearly new BFG all terrain tyres. The engine had a new piston/cylinder head/rebuild (can't quite remember without checking) at about 90K.

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    Google Billcar engineering , then speak to Dave Woodward he will give you a reliable opinion and a fair price , they are a very good 4x4 specialist and Dave knows his onions.
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    Cured something similar with belzona chemical metal not sure if it's still available.
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    If oil is leaking from a diff and the reason is corrosion then that means all the metal around the oil seal has corroded away, which is possible (casting rather than shaft).... but more likely to just be a dodgy seal rather than corrosion of the casting surely?

    Can still be a lot of labour to repair though as shaft seals tend to require complete disassembly!

    Edit: read the rest of your post and it sounds like you've had a few opinions already so probably knackered!
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    If its a pinion seal it can be changed without stripping the diff , some pinions are shimmed and some use a crush tube , either way a good mechanic will be able to change it without upsetting the pinion position on the crown, if its a rusted out diff then drain the oil , clean with a wire brush on a 41/2" grinder and repair with chemical metal , refill the diff and away you go ,it may last for weeks or years ,its a 25 fix , if it fails quickly nothing lost, just keep your eyes open for a good s/h axle .

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    I would have said that you have had your money's worth. So say some one changes a seal for 200 and that turns out not to be the problem. So then some more money needs to be spent.
    You have had your fun with it, move it on to someone else and get another motor.
    I ran plenty of old bangers, not saying yours is but when they get old and things go wrong then get shot of immediately and do not spend any money on it.
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    You have had at least 3 different people tell you that its badly corroded and beyond repair.
    Almost certainly the corrosion will not be confined to the rear axle assembly.
    She has served you well and looks like its time to send her off to the breakers yard in the sky!
    Now is the time to offer up the parts for sale when the engine ect can be seen and heard running.
    Had a similar scenario with an old Toyota Hi Lux I ran for many trouble free years

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    Thanks for all the replies. i am going to sell it. Check vehicles for sale if your interested for further details

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairacre View Post
    Thanks for all the replies. i am going to sell it. Check vehicles for sale if your interested for further details
    Sounds good, although I hear they are bad for rear diffs leaking. .

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    Now sold, I did not get chance to put on here,

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