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Thread: BOLT JAM

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    No gags about how it tastes on toast!
    Dusk in the highseat last night,dropped a red hind went to chamber another round and stay in the aim as i always do but the bolt wouldnt budge.....tugged wiggled and swore at the b**tard but it wouldnt have any of it.....managed to free it when i got home but it took some effort....Im using factory sako 123g ammo....what could have caused this??



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    Did you keep the spent case?

    Have you used the same ammo before and is it from the same batch?

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    Hi keith..

    I always use the factory Sako 123g. in 308 and so far its served me fantastically well..

    You might have expected a homeload to have been a bit tasty on the load and possible expanded the neck..

    If youve kept the old case get the micrometer on it..

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    You may have loaded the bullet on a false finger nail somebody left behind in the breech whilst proving clear..

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    Tight bolts can be a sign of pressure.
    Have you checked fired brass against any you have not had any problems
    with. If there are you will have to start thinking what would cause one factory round to have this.

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    I bought 20 RWS rounds in .308 once. Every one jammed the bolt.

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    Was the primer blown? or is the bolt locking area on the recieved clean?

    Last year had reverse problem, gave gun dam good clean including the gas vent port on my Remmy 700. When I put the bolt in it would not close and lock. Turned out to be a tiny bit of metal from a blown primer which was lodged in the bolt face area which I think I had dislodged when I cleaned the vent hole out. ( sorry might not be using the correct terminology here). I find this recessed area where the bolt head locates and locks in is a sod to clean, so in your case might have just been some crud in there which got dislodged, sods law.

    Blown primer was on some normal loads but with 75grn A max, so have to use Remmy 7.5 primers with them as harder, before somebody comments on dangers of over pressure loads.

    Otherwise previous comments need to be investigated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO
    I bought 20 RWS rounds in .308 once. Every one jammed the bolt.
    I was the same with 7x57mm. RWS have a reputation for overdoing the pressure.

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    1) Check the case for signs of over pressure - but Sako ammo is pretty good and should be consistent.

    2) Was there anything down the barrel that could have casued a major increase in pressure - oil / wter / snow / mud / spare pair of socks etc.

    3 )some form of crud or some other crap around the bolt lugs or the cocking piece cams are were the major pressure is on the bolt lift - if these cams are rough / have crap in them etc can make the bolt a lot stiffer to open.

    4) Has the firing pin / firing pin spring broken - again if it has, then this may well jam the bolt.

    5) Was the bolt fully closed - some rifles if worn may fire even if the bolt is not completely closed.

    My suggestion is to get a good knowledgable gunsmith have a good look at it asap

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    what's the make of your rifle and what make or kind of action?

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