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    R t a

    Just got back from a RTA the local vet s rang me up and said they had spoken to the police gave me inc number but no one was the apart from a guy who rang the vets ,It was a big follow buck it had been hit twice once in the head and had lost both its antler and what turned out to be a broken eye socket it was stood about 50 mtrs in a field and was shaking so I thought the 243 was weapon for this, as I did not no how mobile it was , I had a back stop so I just drop it in the head 54.5 kg clean and it was very clean to my surprise although haven't got the jacket of yet I bet there's a bit more than looks like at the moment but all went well .I cant believe the drivers didn't stop though

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    thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    good job, well done man

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    Good work! Whos field was it in? Anyone you know?

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    [QUOTE=Monkey Spanker;786799]Good work! Whos field was it in? Anyone you know?

    no but the guy who's house was next to the field , said that he new the framer well and not to worry about it as this was not the 1st deer that has been dispatched on his land, the police did not want to attend as it was not on the road but the fallow was stressed and could have gone back into the road so not really sure if I was right

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    Good job, well done try to have a word with the owner see if you can control the deer to avoid more injury to both .you never know

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Well done!
    Thanks for being on stand by

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    Well done that man

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