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Thread: 7mm Rem Mag

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    7mm Rem Mag


    I am after a 7mm Rem Mag. I am seriously considering getting a new Sauer 202 Classic XT.

    I would have liked to have a new Sako 85 but the expected lead time is 6 months!!!

    I have not ruled out a second hand rifle.

    Has anyone got one in their cabinet they no longer use?

    Or has anyone seen one on the shelf I'm their local RFD?

    Send me a PM if you can help.


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    There's a Sauer on guntrader in 7mm RM at sensible but there is more available in 300 Win mag. Excellent calibre the 7mm

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    I have a stainless 7mm Rem Mag Remington 700 stainless Sendero reworked by Armalon, screw cut, muzzle break, bolt handle, recut barrel flutes, Jewell trigger, HS Precision stock plus 60 rounds of factory ammunition.
    I am down at Bisley in a couple of weeks if you wanted to have a look.

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    one in dicksons of edinburgh. very beautiful rifle from italian custom builder, hardly fired a round, comes with clawmounts and 1.5-6x42 zeiss rail scope. based on M98 military action from oberndorf. english walnut stock tipped with ebony.

    my sort of rifle! only price is not!

    believe it's 3,250 or a touch more..ish.

    only downsides is it's a military safety, should have been side safety IMHO, and the barrel is caustic blued not rust blued, and the recoil pad (red silvers) is a little bit worn, but a quick sanding and re-sealing would do the job.

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    Not exactly what you are after but there is a wetherby mk 5 in .300 wetherby mag at sporting targets in Bedfordshire. They wanted about 600 if I remember. It will be a big boomer same as the 7mm!

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    There is a nice steyr manllicher in the plucky pheasant in Cumbria old rifle not modern tat with a swaro scope on no idea of price etc

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    Any luck with Jim, were the pictures ok?

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