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Thread: Mid/north devon

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    Mid/north devon

    Hi all,

    Anyone shooting/stalking around Eggesford/Chulmleigh area? beautiful countryside around here


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    Yes - me and several others on here that shoot in the area. It certainly is beautiful (but don't tell everyone). Guess that you've discovered the additional benefit of proximity to BFG?

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    I don't, but perhaps i should start knocking on doors
    Only joking, i have enough to keep me busy.

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    Yes, I have seen the BFG, very nice bonus!
    Well, if Tamar or cyberstag or anyone else is in the area and would like the company I'm keen on going to join you for the craic, or maybe just a pint in one of the locals.
    Cheers fellas

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    Not trying to pinch anyones shooting, just in case it appears that way, all this land round here and not being able to have a walk about with intent is torture!


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    where abouts are you sprocker pm me if you wish

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    pm sent to you sir

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    Sorry - been fairly busy. Drop me a pm and let's see if we can meet up

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