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Thread: Major Powell-Cotton African Game Museum video

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    Major Powell-Cotton African Game Museum video

    African Museum footage starts at 19:30

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    Nice to put face to the name Malc.Very interesting.

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    Bloody hell Malc, I've never heard you talk so long without breaking into a touch of the Anglo Saxon

    Nice to see the place and the old boy getting the recognition they deserve.


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    i kept expecting uncle albert and rodney to walk onto the set!

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    Nice one Malc you did the old boy and the museum proud

    Looks amazing..

    Looking forward to the SD get together and take a walk round..


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    What a little star
    Well done Malc, let's hope the museum gets a lot of extra custom as it sure is a facinating place to look round.

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    The signs of a true professional both at work and in the field.

    Well done Malc.


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    just watched it . Two weeks ago I had a double page colour spread in the Country Life, now this. I shall be applying for my equity card soon and mister JAYB can be my agent 8)



    PS Steve Predator Control give me a shout if you are wanting to go out again for a stalk.

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    What a fasinating place to work Malc.


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    Blinkin eck Malc didn't believe it

    JayB said you didn't fire out one explitive in the whole interview wonder if they have a Quex clone that they bring out for the cameras and tie up the original one in the broom cupboard

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