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Thread: Mint .22 Hornet for sale.

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    Mint .22 Hornet for sale.

    Hi guys,

    It is with great sadness that I am selling my CZ 527 Lux in .22 Honret. Only reason for sale is I am having a custom .223AI built and need the cabinet space.

    I have owned the rifle since new and is 5 year old, it is in mint, I mean it is literally in brand new/un-marked condition, you could get away with saying it was brand new!

    It has fired less then 1000 rounds and the bore/barrel is clean as a whistle.

    It comes with a MTC Viper on top with Warne scope mounts. The scope I not even a yr old.

    It is not screw cut, but it is not that loud anyway. ( You could have it screw cut if wanted too)

    It comes with loads of brass cases approx 300.+, some 40 grain V-Max heads, 1x full tub of unopened Lil-Gub powder and one tub that is 3/4 full.

    Comes with neck sizing and bullet seater dies.

    Performance = well it is superb, I currently use the 40 grain V-Max on targets out to 300 yards and rabbits out to 250 are in great danger! It shoots 1 x raggered hole at 100 yards, accuracy is just brilliant from the little thing.

    It also shoots the 35 grain V-max very well but, the 35's have a crap BC and are therefore crap in the wind, so I have stuck with the 40's for some time now.

    I will also provide all my load data to the buyer and all ballistic data for the rifle and scope combination, all the buyer would have to do is load a round dial in the necessary adjustments and shoot away.

    Again I will be sorry to see it go but needs must.

    700 for the whole lot guys + RFD/postage charge.

    PM me if interested.

    IMG_0712_zps628fbf8e.jpg Photo by 247sniper | Photobucket

    IMG_0711_zps5385d1ec.jpg Photo by 247sniper | Photobucket

    IMG_0709_zps11c1604b.jpg Photo by 247sniper | Photobucket

    IMG_0708_zpsea891b6d.jpg Photo by 247sniper | Photobucket


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    Plenty of interest, but will give it a bump.

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    A common 5 shot group shot with thus rifle. 35 and 40 grai vmax

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