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Thread: Hello from new North Yorkshire stalker

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    Hello from new North Yorkshire stalker

    I have just got into stalking in North Yorkshire. Looking for a .308 to start with - any advice welcome.
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    think you need to put a price/funds for the guys to work with boss but as a work horse get a tikka package .308ss

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    DDM has a system whereby you can get SAKO at discounted prices through either the Chairman or the General secretary.
    It was the Chairman when I was involved but now have nothing to do with them so the contact point may have changed.
    I am sure Monkey spanker will come along soon and offer some more useful info.
    Good Luck.

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    I suppose I'd like to spend about 2k in total. Was hoping for a nice second-hand set-up.

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    JREW what are you pricing up for your 2k? Just rifle and scope, rifle scope and binos or 'everything' including bipod (if you want one) cleaning kit, lens caps, sling, case... The list goes on. I know a lot of people will rightly say you can pick up most of those things for next to nothing, but at the same time I also know from experience that your budget can very quickly escalate when you start adding in the incidentals too.


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    For 2k I would want to get the main weapon items: Rifle, scope, bipod, mod. Got a few pairs of fairly good binos, and will hopefully pick up the rest as I go along. I've already got some bits and bobs - cleaning kit etc

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    A friendly welcome from Mark JREW. You'll get a decent second-hand set up for your money but just be careful what you end up buying.

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    What about the RPA in classifieds?

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