Looking to join a syndicate in north Hampshire and its borders no more than 25 ish miles from Alton. Have a number of years experience stalking (5), a game keeper, DSC1 ( have not done 2 as have been shooting Fox's for 20plus years and are a qualified vetenary auxiliary).
Also, me has gold medals from Biskey/NRA (service and practical rifle, not the lie down stuff) I know paper is not the same and would never suggest it is just an example of yes I can hit what I'm pointing at!

I have a BMH in training for his level1 I also have a further dog no real training but is good at recently shot animals, not good at long 500yd plus but he is a doberman vizla x, doesn't know if to guard it or fetch it bless him.

Hope there is something out there.

Many thanks.

The most uplifting experience is being shot at knowing they have missed!