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Thread: First medal

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    First medal

    Last August in Perthshire my guide told me we were going to a piece of ground he hadnt stalked for some time and had been known to produce some pretty good heads in the past. Now although i was mostly out to enjoy myself... i did want to grass my first 6 pointer roe buck
    While he had a chat with the farm manager i fiddled with the 22-250 to check out the trigger pull, finding out it was pretty light. After a short stalk the wind changed and we chose to stand by the corner of a wood, with a steep sloping meadow to our right.
    My guide then set me up on the sticks and walked round the other side of the small wood to glass the hill. After watching him creep round the corner i turned back to see a MONSTER BUCK not 20 yards from me. Bearing in mind i had never even laid eyes on a live 6 point roe buck before i silently s**t myslef... 8)
    Now i faced a dilema; i was not 100% sure of the back stop and my guide did not tell me to take a shot in his absence, but it was my last day and i was so close to my goal!
    I decided to leave it, looked behind me for my guide and when i turned back said buck had vanished. When my guide returned we waited (for what seemed like days) before making our way slowly round the brow of the hill. There he was, browsing under some rowan trees 180ish yards away downhill.
    I took my time setting myself up and getting steady, rearranging the legs of the sticks several times, during which mr. 6 points never looked up. As soon as he shuffled round broadside i lightly squeezed the trigger, reloaded, but my guide smiled and told me there was no need for a follow up because he dropped on the spot.

    The head turned out to be a hefty bronze and i thought it went well with these printings a frind framed for me.

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    Goes to show that all good things come to them that wait.

    enjoyed that account Thanks


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    Well done AJWH!!

    Sounds like you did exactly the right thing, and got the right result out of it - job's a good 'un!!


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    What a lovely head - a really classic six-pointer.

    Well done, and great write up.


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    Nice one mate.
    A very nice sheild to display it on as well



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