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Thread: Tasco world class 8x50 wa help !!!

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    Tasco world class 8x50 wa help !!!

    Hi all bought a rifle with the above scope on anyone know about it ?
    atb Charlie

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    If it`s Japanese, it will be one of the best scopes you will have ever owned,, and I`d like to buy it.

    If it`s Chinese, it`s a newer much lower grade cheapo.

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    A little more information would be useful like country of manufacture, usually marked on the scope, and model number.

    The people behind Tasco got greedy and moved production to Korea for the cheap labour and quality suffered so they lost sales and went the company under.

    The name was bought and production re-started but in China and quality is mediocre to dreadful in my limited experience with them.

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