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Thread: Any insect experts out there ?

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    Any insect experts out there ?

    Hi all,
    I was out last night bunny bashing and the most amazing fly landed on me , I have tried finding it in my Collins guide and on line but to no avail so perhaps a short description might be enough for someone a bit more expert than myself to identify it:

    About 1" long, very bright fluorescent green colour legs included, eyes large bright metallic green, wings semi transparent and tucked over the body.

    This definitely looked like a fly not a wasp etc any help much appreciated.


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    Sounds like a green horse fly mate.

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    Could it be a lacewing ? - See Google images.

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    Thanks guys,
    definitely not a lacewing even brighter green almost da-glo, more fly like. Have been checking out all the horse flies and they don't match either , nothing that colour also the thorax is more elongated cigar shaped, wings tucked parallel with thorax tucked over the top.

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    Need a photo mate , there`s over 20,000 insects species in the UK alone.

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    Found it! Googled the only bright green fly in the Collins, the picture in the book bears little relationship to the real thing but here it is , it is amazingly bright it doesn't look natural.

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