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Thread: World Record Sind Ibex

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    World Record Sind Ibex

    hello guys, i was stalking for Sind Ibex in the Kirthar mountain range for the past 3 days and after a very tough stalk and a lot of patience i think i might have broken the SCI world record. from what i have heard the world record is 47 inches. this monster is a 48.5. is there any SCI member here who can confirm this?
    Best Regards

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    very great looking animal 8) yet again very good pictures, good luck with the results

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    What a lovely beast Danish. I do hope you have a new record. The Kirthar mountain range looks incredible. I believe there are some really high peaks in that region.

    Good luck with the measuring.


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    Well done Danish and I hope that you got the record.

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    Once again, many thanks for posting such great photo's. I love the one of you sitting in front of the Landy

    The horns on that Sind Ibex are amazing - best wishes for the record.


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    Good luck for the record Danish - let us know how you get on! (Great pics too!)

    Hope you've got high ceilings for when you get the ibex shoulder-mount back from the taxidermist...



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    thanks for the comment guys, very kind of u, will let u all know how i get along with the record. best regards. danish

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    Did you recieve the record for this beasts? I hope so...


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    Well done, truely nagnificent!!.

    Dry Powder.


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