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Thread: RTA volunteers in West Cornwall?

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    RTA volunteers in West Cornwall?

    I have been getting lots of phone calls recently asking for help dispatching various wounded/injured animals (mostly deer, foxes and badgers) and last week I got a call at midnight, from Lamorna.....which is a good hour and a bit away from me.
    I am quite happy to drive anywhere in Cornwall if necessary but thought that perhaps there might be someone living in west Cornwall who does similar and would be willing to respond to calls that I receive from that end of the county?
    In fact, I would be interested to hear from anyone elsewhere in Cornwall doing this sort of thing.
    PM if you prefer
    Cheers chaps

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    Who calls you?Police?local authority?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    Who calls you?Police?local authority?
    It is usually the owner of the land on which the injured animal is crawling about on

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    Youve been getting lots of calls ? bizarre, animals injured by what?

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