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Thread: Tikka T-3 or Savage Model 25 Plastic Magazine Single Round Insert "OBS" for

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    Tikka T-3 or Savage Model 25 Plastic Magazine Single Round Insert "OBS" for

    The Original Bob Sled ("OBS") was designed by Bob Hahin. Its purpose is to allow the loading and firing of single rounds during competition, at the benchrest, or out varmint shooting. The Plastic Magazine Single Round Insert allows you to use your existing magazine for your Tikka T-3 or Savage Model 25 rifle and create an efficient single round loading device. This insert is made from the same durable, long lasting Delrin® to ensure a lifetime worth of use. Yellow was chosen for safety and hi-vis when dropped in grass or dirt. Simply pop the insert into your magazine and you're all set to effortlessly single load rounds into your rifle. It's the perfect addition for yourvarmint or long range shooting adventures. ** Some magazines inside dimensions vary. No problem, Delrin® sands/files easily if required for the perfect fit. It has been reported some insert fits tight some magazines. Some simple light sanding on the side of the insert fixed the fit and it will works in all magazines. ** (*Delrin is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company). T-3 Inserts are £16.99 Inc Royal Mail 1st class Proof Of Postage or £17.99 Inc Royal Mail Special del signed for. European £19.99 Airsure all in. PM with your email address if you are interested and I will return payment details please include your email and contact number, and address for delivery. I also can supply the AI-308 (£51.00 Plus P&P) and AI- 223(£51.00 Plus P&P), the CZ-527 in 223 and 22 Hornet (£32.00 Plus P&P) But I only have small amounts left in the AI and 22 Hornet.

    Advertised elsewhere.

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    Gary Beechener

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    You have a pm.


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    Free postage on T3 inserts
    Gary Beechener

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    Gary, I received the single-round block for my 527 Hornet the very next day. Thanks for that.

    It's outstanding for single-loading the re-loaded 40gr Vmax. So easy now.


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    T3 INSERTS £15.00 EACH INC P+P (uk ONLY)
    Gary Beechener

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